Defense Minister: Germany Has To Be Prepared For War

Defense Minister: Germany Has To Be Prepared For War

Boris Pistorius is certain that war will be necessary for Germany. This follows his late-year call for a reassessment of the armed forces.

Additionally, he has warned of the possibility of a Russian counterattack on a NATO nation and has stated time and time again that the German military has to be made “war-capable.”

“By 2029, we have to be prepared for war. To stop the worst from happening, we need to create a deterrence,” he remarked.

“The core of this is three issues. financial, material, and human resources. We need young people who can defend this nation in an emergency.”

Pistorius took on the task of modernizing the Bundeswehr, the armed forces, last year.

On Wednesday, President Vladimir Putin issued a warning, stating that if NATO members like France and Germany permit Ukraine to use their weapons to attack Russian territory, Russia may respond by giving others access to long-range weaponry for use against NATO targets.

Germany’s long-standing post-World War II culture of military conservatism is being replaced with a new defense policy.

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