The Anc Is Leaning Toward A Unity Government As Discontent Grows Among The Populace

The Anc Is Leaning Toward A Unity Government As Discontent Grows Among The Populace

According to ANC insiders, since the party lost its legislative majority, this is the first alternative on the table.

Senior party officials and President Cyril Ramaphosa convened a crucial meeting in Johannesburg on Thursday, June 6, to determine the best course of action for creating a cabinet.

“We’ve already had fruitful conversations with a variety of parties. The Patriotic Alliance, National Freedom Party, Democratic Alliance, Inkatha Freedom Party, and Economic Freedom Fighters. Additionally, we’ve briefed our alliance partners on the process and will keep asking for their insightful opinions and direction.

The other parties, some of whom are more antagonistic toward one another than the ANC, would still need to be consulted about any unity government proposal. For example, the Democratic Alliance (DA) has promised never to collaborate with MK or EFF.

Ramaphosa, who is running for a second and final term, is aware of the difficulties that lie ahead.

The ANC acknowledges that there are ideological and political divides among us and a number of the political parties in our electoral environment. But as long as it serves the public good and adheres to the values that they have stated, we won’t rule out the idea of collaborating with any party, Ramaphos stated.

At least eight of the more than fifty parties who ran for office received sizable percentages of support.

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