Sudan: According To Activists, Rsf Attacks A Community, Killing At Least 100 People

Sudan: According To Activists, Rsf Attacks A Community, Killing At Least 100 People

According to officials, the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces(RSF) raided a community in Sudan’s Gezira province on Wednesday, resulting in at least 100 fatalities and several injuries.

In the attacks on Wad al-Noura village in Gezira by the Rapid Support Forces, women, children, and the elderly were among the casualties. The governor of the province of Darfur, Mini Arko Minawi, stated on X, formerly Twitter.

The paramilitary militia, which has been battling the Sudanese army for more than a year, utilized heavy artillery to besiege and attack the settlement, according to a grassroots organization formed to safeguard people of Wad Madani, the capital city of Gezira. The group posted this information late on social media on Wednesday.

During the raids, which the Madani Resistance Committee stated began Wednesday morning, the paramilitaries were accused of plundering Wad al-Noura by the group, which has previously been targeted and threatened by the RSF.

Approximately 100 kilometers (60 miles) southeast of Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, and a safe haven for hundreds of thousands of internally displaced persons, is Wad Madani, which the RSF claimed to have taken control of in December.

According to the resistance group, the RSF raided the village and forced its inhabitants—including women and children—to relocate to other areas of the al-Manaqil district.

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