The World Bank has Stopped Supporting a Tourism Initiative in Tanzania.

The World Bank has Stopped Supporting a Tourism Initiative in Tanzania.

According to a rights organization based in the United States that has long pushed the international lender to take such action, the World Bank has halted support for a tourism project in Tanzania that resulted in the misery of tens of thousands of residents.

“Long overdue,” the Oakland Institute charged in a statement on Tuesday, was the World Bank’s decision to halt the $150 million project, which aims to enhance the management of natural resources and tourism assets in a remote area of southern Tanzania. The Oakland Institute further charged that the bank’s “failure to take immediate action resulted in serious harm for the local communities.” The initiative started in 2017, has already received at least $100 million in funding. However, the World Bank financing was halted as of April 18.

In a study published in November, the organization charged that Tanzanian authorities were not holding the World Bank responsible for extrajudicial killings and sexual assaults that occurred in connection with the extension of Ruaha National Park.

The REGROW project’s objective of increasing tourism in Ruaha National Park and driving out residents was found to be “inextricably tied to its financing by the World Bank,” according to the report. During the time, the World Bank said that it “has zero tolerance for violence in the projects it finances,” and it added that an inspector panel was examining a REGROW complaint “to determine whether a compliance audit into the raised concerns is warranted.

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