An Abuja Chinese Store Closed down for Allegedly Excluding Nigerians.

An Abuja Chinese Store Closed down for Allegedly Excluding Nigerians.

After a significant uproar on social media, the Federal Chinese Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) summoned the supermarket owner for an inquiry. Videos of Nigerians being turned away by security guards at the grocery store entrance circulated online.

Shehu Sani, a former senator, echoed the calls for closure, saying that any store that Nigerian citizens couldn’t visit should be forced to open or destroyed.

The Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Nigeria responded by reiterating their dedication to inclusivity and equality while refuting the accusations of racism. The supermarket proprietor has been called to appear before the FCCPC, but the agency is adamant about compliance.

The scandal has made discrimination and access to business spaces in Nigeria more visible. In light of the incident, which has caused the supermarket to close until the owner responds, all customers must receive the same respect, regardless of their nationality or ethnicity.In response to claims of racial discrimination, Nigeria’s consumer protection agency has ordered the closure of an Abuja grocery owned by Chinese people. The authorities assert that the supermarket only allows people of Chinese heritage to enter, infuriating Nigerians.

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