S. Africa Alerts The Icc To The “New And Horrific Stage” That The Gaza War Has Reached

S. Africa Alerts The Icc To The “New And Horrific Stage” That The Gaza War Has Reached

In an attempt to stop Israel’s military operation in the southern enclave of Rafah, South Africa informed the top court of the UN on Thursday that the situation in Gaza had reached “a new and horrific stage” and that emergency measures were necessary.

Since South Africa filed a case at the court in The Hague in December, accusing Israel of genocide, the International Court of Justice has held hearings on the Gaza conflict three times.

Israel has attempted to use the weaponization of international humanitarian law as a cover for its crimes. It acts as though the people it mercilessly murders with its 2,000-pound bombs, its targeted airstrikes, its artificial intelligence systems, and its executions on human shields are civilians. This denial of Israel’s genocide ignores the crucial and essential component.

Israel vehemently denied committing genocide in Gaza during hearings earlier this year, claiming it is only targeting Hamas militants and is doing everything in its power to spare civilians. According to the nation, Rafah is the militant group’s final stronghold.

South Africa says the military operation has gone far beyond legitimate self-defense. Rafah introduced South Africa to the judge. However, attorney Vaughan Lowe stated that all Palestinians, as a national, ethnic, and racial group, require the protection from genocide that the court can order.

The most recent request claims that the court in The Hague’s prior preliminary orders were insufficient to deal with “a brutal military attack on the sole remaining refuge for the people of Gaza.

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