Police From Kenya Patrol The Capital Of Haiti

Police From Kenya Patrol The Capital Of Haiti

On Wednesday, Kenyan police officers with automatic rifles and body armor were cruising Port-au-Prince’s streets.

This squad, the first foreign police unit in Haiti to be funded by the U.N., came in June in response to a request for help against the rising gang violence in the nation.

Roughly 80% of the capital is currently controlled by criminal gangs, which has resulted in the displacement of nearly 580,000 people in recent months.

Although the officers at the international airport attracted attention from bystanders, they had no run-ins with gang members.

In addition to expressing appreciation for the Multinational Security Support Mission, Prime Minister Garry Conille of Haiti emphasized the pressing need to confront the violence committed by armed organizations.

Conille stated, “With 12,000 armed people holding a population of 12 million hostage, Haiti is currently at a critical point.”

On June 25, hundreds of police personnel from Kenya arrived in Haiti as part of the Multinational Security Support Mission, which aims to combat armed criminal gangs and bring calm back to the nation.

“With the support of Haitian law enforcement agencies, the first contingent of police officers should help put an end to the barbarism of criminal groups,” Connille continued.

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