Secretary Blinken Confers With The Prime Minister Of Haiti

Secretary Blinken Confers With The Prime Minister Of Haiti

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken met with Foreign Minister Dominique Dupuy and Prime Minister Garry Conille of Haiti on Tuesday at the State Department to stress the need of U.S. support for the country’s freshly elected administration.

Blinken began by stating, “This is an important time for Haiti, an important time for the many countries including the United States that strongly support Haiti,”

“We have a functioning administration, a prime minister, a foreign minister, and the Transitional Presidential Council has taken office. In order to guarantee that Haiti can resume holding free and fair elections and that, as we move forward, the international community’s support for Haiti can continue in the strongest way possible, Blinken continued, “We also have the deployment of the Multinational Security Support mission to help the Haitian National Police regain full control of critical parts of Port-au-Prince and the country.”

Conille was chosen by a transitional council last month and became the next prime minister of Haiti. As he works to build a new government to lead the nation through its ongoing security issues, he arrives in Washington.

Conille conveyed his appreciation for the “support and solidarity” of the American people and praised President Joe Biden.

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