Hurricane Beryl Causes More Than 26 Vessels To Capsize In Barbados

Hurricane Beryl Causes More Than 26 Vessels To Capsize In Barbados

After Hurricane Beryl made her way across the southeast Caribbean on Wednesday, Barbados fishermen were assessing the damage to their vessels.

Every boat in the Bridgetown port took some damage, according to the fishermen, and some even sank entirely as a result of the massive waves that engulfed the piers.

Fisherman Everton Brathwaite stated, “I (have) never really experienced a system like this yet, of this magnitude, but, yeah, I don’t think that nobody wants to go through this here.”

As Hurricane Beryl made landfall in Barbados on Monday, it left behind severe destruction in its wake as a strong category 4 hurricane with gusts exceeding 130 mph (209 kilometers per hour).

“Progress is not very fast because a lot of the boats are damaged and there are boats that have sunk just right where we need to lift out, so we’re having to lift from further than we would like to lift from,” says Dave Hinds, managing director of Hinds Transport.

Beryl broke numerous records even before her powerful winds of hurricane intensity got close to land. “We have to attempt to recover the submerged boats once we’ve completed this. At this moment, more than 26 boats are submerged, according to Dave.

Hurricane Beryl’s quick strengthening into an exceptionally strong storm that occurred unusually early in the Atlantic and Caribbean, according to meteorologists, hinted about the impending hurricane season.

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