Nigeria: A Movie honors the Chibok Girls ten Years After their Kidnapping.

Nigeria: A Movie honors the Chibok Girls ten Years After their Kidnapping.

Talking about it enrages me so much,” said Zanna, 55, whose daughter is one of the almost 100 girls who remain unaccounted for following the 2014 kidnappings that shocked the globe and Movie ignited the international BringBackOurGirls social media movement.

The first significant school kidnapping in West Africa was the Chibok kidnapping. At least 1,400 students have been abducted since then, primarily in the northwest and central areas that are ravaged by violence. Most victims were only set free following arrangements approved by the government or after ransoms were paid; nonetheless, suspects are rarely taken into custody.

Members of the Chibok community from Borno state came together this year to commemorate the tenth anniversary of a tragedy that has been mostly forgotten on Thursday, April 4, in Lagos, the commercial center of Nigeria, to see the film “Statues Also Breathe.

The 17-minute film begins with an overhead view of 108 sculptures, representing the number of girls still missing at the start of the art project, which attempts to recreate the girls’ current looks using images given by their families. These include visual patterns, hairstyles, and facial expressions.

The movie documents the creative process for the exhibit, which debuted in November 2022 and features sculptures the size of human heads modeled after ancient Ife terracotta heads from Nigeria.

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