The Ethiopian Army is Charged with War Crimes in the Amhara Region.

The Ethiopian Army is Charged with War Crimes in the Amhara Region.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has stated that the Ethiopian army “summarily executed several dozen civilians” and committed other war crimes in the northwest Amhara area earlier this year. HRW has also called on the UN to initiate an independent investigation.

The New York-based rights group claimed in a report on Thursday that the events in the city of Merawi in late January were among the bloodiest for civilians since combat broke out between Ethiopian federal forces and Fano militia in the volatile region in August.

The harsh reality of an abusive army acting with impunity is once again falling on civilians, according to Laetitia Bader, deputy head of HRW’s Africa program.

“The government’s claims that it is attempting to establish law and order in the region are undermined by the brutal killings of civilians in Amhara by the Ethiopian armed forces.”

The Ethiopian government and army refrained from commenting immediately. Still, the state-appointed Ethiopian Human Rights Commission’s independent inquiry revealed that the government forces in Merawi are believed to have killed at least 45 people.

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