The Third Week of the Kenyan Doctors’ Strike has Begun.

The Third Week of the Kenyan Doctors’ Strike has Begun.

The nation’s Medical Practitioners Pharmacists and Dentists Union called a general meeting of physicians, medical interns, and students in Nairobi on Tuesday, while also holding a Third demonstration in the western county of Kisumu.

Negotiations between the union and the administration have not resulted in a deal thus far.

In addition to other demands, the striking professionals demand that the government hire 1,200 medical interns and provide full medical coverage for doctors. They also accuse the authorities of not keeping several commitments in a collective bargaining agreement signed in 2017. Professionals on strike also want their salary arrears to be paid.

Late Monday, the local media announced that clinical officers had joined the doctors on strike.

Many hospital patients throughout East Africa are being turned away or left untreated due to the three-week strike. Many people cannot afford to visit private medical facilities.
Kenyan physicians went on strike across the country on March 15.

Among other things, the striking professionals want the government to hire 1,200 medical interns and provide complete medical coverage for physicians.

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