Muslims in Cameroon Have a Warm Heritage of Observing Ramadan.

Muslims in Cameroon Have a Warm Heritage of Observing Ramadan.

Muslims make up about 20% of Cameroon’s population. Every evening in Yaounde, the Potouo family extends a warm welcome to dozens of people as part of a custom observed by Muslims in Cameroon, whereby they invite anyone wishing to break their fast during iftar.

“Shared in Islam is a fundamental foundation in which each Muslim should not eat if he is not sure if his neighbor has eaten or not,” stated family member Mohamed Mbouo. Furthermore, your neighbors can not just be Muslims but also non-Muslims.

As she assisted with the evening meal preparation, Raima Potouo shared that cooking for Muslims during Ramadan is a blessing because it atones for the observer’s sins.

According to Potouo, it’s as if I fasted for sixty days if I fed one Muslim every day for thirty days, adding another thirty days to my thirty days of fasting.

Mohamed Mbouo said that because of their proximity to a nearby institution, their house is frequently visited by guests.

A high school teacher named Zakariaou Moussa stopped by the Potouo home to break his fast.

“It is a delight that we enjoy together, and this is a duty of every Muslim to assist others—especially during the month of Ramadan,” he remarked, referring to the act of sharing the iftar meal with others.

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