Kenya is Expected to See More Rain as Floods Causes Havoc.

Kenya is Expected to See More Rain as Floods Causes Havoc.

Kenya’s meteorological authority is predicting more intense rains this week, which will further increase the number of people affected by the above-average March to May rainfall.

Floodwaters in Machakos County devastated homes and crops, leaving residents trapped.

In response to a distress call on Monday night, the Kenya Red Cross team went to aid individuals stranded in their homes due to flooding.

John Abellio, National Disaster Management Coordinator of the Red Cross in Kenya, said, “We came with a trained team in aqua search and rescue, a rubber boat with an engine to negotiate those obstacle areas and try to extract the people.

Flooding is thought to have harmed over 100,000 people, wrecked crops, and harmed houses, schools, small businesses, and infrastructure.

The Red Cross sent out tactical teams earlier this week to help with search and rescue operations in Nairobi’s diverse areas, which were hit hard by Saturday’s severe rains.

Residents in flood-prone areas have been advised to relocate to higher land.

According to Martha Waema, a flood victim whose farm was wrecked by the torrential rains battering the nation, the government ought to step in.

“Every crop I had was destroyed. I have no crops to harvest because of the flooding. We need food. We need assistance from the government,” she says.

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