Biden Pays Kenya A State Visit To The Us, The First One For An African Country Since 2008.

Biden Pays Kenya A State Visit To The Us, The First One For An African Country Since 2008.

As part of the United Nations’ attempt to defuse a rapidly worsening security situation in the Caribbean nation, President Joe Biden has welcomed President William Ruto of Kenya to the White House for a three-day state visit.

A multilateral security support mission headed by the Kenyan police is scheduled to bring about 1,000 officers to Haiti in an effort to help stem gang-related violence. Other nations like the Bahamas, Barbados, Benin, Chad, and Bangladesh are anticipated to support Kenyan forces.

For many years, the US and Kenya have collaborated on counterterrorism initiatives in Africa, which includes fighting the extremist organisation al-Shabab. Kenya took part in the formation of an international maritime task force and the Ukraine Defence Contact Group.

The two leaders will begin their state visit with a White House meeting with CEOs in the afternoon. The meeting will emphasize fostering stronger ties between the tech sectors in Kenya and the United States. The White House reports that executives from Semiconductor Technologies Limited, Teneo, and Alphabet are among those anticipated to attend.

When Ruto and his wife, Rachel Ruto, arrived at Joint Base Andrews outside of Washington, First Lady Jill Biden welcomed them.

Biden and Ruto will hold official discussions and a joint news conference on Thursday prior to a state dinner. Ruto and Vice President Kamala Harris are scheduled to attend an event on Friday at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

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