A Coup Attempt Was Foiled In The Democratic Republic Of The Congo.

A Coup Attempt Was Foiled In The Democratic Republic Of The Congo.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) government forces have successfully put down a coup attempt. The country is on edge as authorities attempt to restore order and look into those who may have been involved in the incident on Saturday night.

“The security and defence forces have put down an attempted coup. Congolese and foreigners were involved in the attempt. Brigadier General Sylvain Ekenge, the spokesperson for the Congolese army, stated, “These foreigners and Congolese, including their leader, have been put out of action.

The men were recognised as Congolese soldiers by the local media. Whether the men in military uniform were attempting to apprehend the politician was unclear.Video that appeared to be from the area showed men with large guns and military trucks cruising the neighborhood’s empty streets.

To address the crisis within his party, which controls the national assembly, President Felix Tshisekedi met with lawmakers and leaders of the ruling coalition, Sacred Union of the Nation, on Friday.

It would not be difficult to dissolve the National Assembly and hold fresh elections if these unacceptable practices continue,” he declared.

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