A Malawian Man was Found Guilty of Defaming the President on TikTok

A Malawian Man was Found Guilty of Defaming the President on TikTok

After uploading a TikTok video featuring an animated figure with President Lazarus Chakwera’s face superimposed on it performing some oddball dance moves, a man in Malawi was found guilty of insulting the president.

A court on Thursday found Sainani Nkhoma guilty of posting the video and derogatory remarks about the president on a public WhatsApp group.

After being reported to the ruling Malawi Congress Party by members of the group in the central town of Mponela, he was taken into custody on Tuesday night.
Judge Talakwanji Mndala deemed Nkhoma’s actions inappropriate.

Malawian President Lazarus Chakwera was found to have insulted a man who shared a TikTok video of an animated figure performing oddball dance moves with Chakwera’s face superimposed on it.

The judge warned that the punishment could be as much as six years in prison or a fine of approximately $3,500. Sentencing is set for next week.

Following the nation’s Constitutional Court’s unprecedented order to rerun the 2019 presidential election, Chakwera was elected president in 2020.

Although the court found evidence of widespread irregularities, Peter Mutharika, the president in office at the time, was initially declared the election winner.

“I’m so happy I could dance all night,” Chakwera remarked after his victory.

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