UK Removes Tariffs on Flower Shipments from East Africa to Promote Trade

UK Removes Tariffs on Flower Shipments from East Africa to Promote Trade

The United Kingdom has declared that export duties on chopped flowers coming from East Africa will be temporarily suspended. This suspension, which is in effect from April 11, 2024, to June 30, 2026, is a turning point in the dynamics of trade between the UK and East African countries.

The tariff suspension is especially advantageous for flower growers in nations known for their thriving floral industries, such as Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda. These areas mostly depend on the export of cut flowers to foreign markets, including the UK.

By eliminating export duties for two years, the UK hopes to simplify trade procedures and lower the price of flower exports to the UK market. This program will raise competition among East African flower exports and strengthen the economic ties between the UK and the region.

Crucially, it is anticipated that this action would also benefit consumers in the United Kingdom. When buying floral items, customers in the UK can benefit from increased availability, variety, and affordability thanks to greater access to a wide range of premium flowers from East Africa.

In 2022, Kenya was the fourth-largest cut flower exporter in the world, and Ethiopia was the second-largest producer of cut flowers in Africa.

Significant increases in trade in cut flowers have been observed in recent years between East African nations and the United Kingdom. Ethiopia had a trade value of £12.6 million in 2023 alone, compared to trade values of £727,000, £839,000, and £1.1 million recorded by Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda.

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