SA Election Body asks the Constitutional Court to Clarify Zuma’s Eligibility

SA Election Body asks the Constitutional Court to Clarify Zuma’s Eligibility

On Tuesday, April 9, the election Court reversed a previous ruling made by the election commission.
The interpretation of section 47 of the constitution is the main point of controversy.
anyone found guilty of an offense after this section went into effect and sentenced to more than a year in prison without the possibility of a fine, either inside the Republic or outside, if the conduct that led to the offense would have been illegal there. However, no one may be considered to have been sentenced until an appeal against the conviction or sentence has been decided upon, or until the appeal period has passed. This paragraph’s disqualification period expires five years after the completion of the sentence.” He spent two months in prison and later benefited from a remission of his sentence, intended to combat prison overcrowding.

The organization clarified that its goal was to guarantee free and fair general elections rather than to get involved in politics.

It would like “for the matter to be determined before the election date.”

In South Africa, almost 27 million people are registered to vote in the upcoming general election.

They cast party ballots. Then, MPs choose the president, and parties are allotted seats in the 400-seat Parliament based on their vote percentage.

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