Niger: People Protesting Against Foreign Military go to the Streets

Niger: People Protesting Against Foreign Military go to the Streets

A demonstration against foreign forces stationed in Niger, particularly the US military, which has a military installation in the country’s north, drew hundreds of participants.

The protesters assembled in the heart of Niamey, the country’s capital, at the invitation of civil society groups affiliated with the junta that rules Niger and whose members were among those who participated in the protest.

We have demanded that the Americans and all other foreign forces withdraw from Niger, and the CNSP—an acronym for the military junta of Niger—has listened to our concerns. In light of this, we have reiterated our support for the CNSP about the decision.

As we’ve seen, the Americans have been here for how many years, but the Russians will be here as part of a win-win partnership. Has the sense of insecurity lessened? Not in my opinion. In contrast, we have only recently observed progress with the Russians,” Moumouni Amadou Gado, who assisted in organizing the protest, stated.

According to U.S. authorities, the CNSP, the ruling military council of Niger, has not yet issued an order for the withdrawal of American forces.

However, the entry of Russian soldiers complicates the situation for American forces, diplomats, and civilian staff trying to stay in the nation.

It also casts doubt on the continuation of combined counterinsurgency operations between the US and Niger. Washington viewed Niger as a crucial ally and partner in a region plagued by coups until recently.

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