The President Of Liberia Reduces Pay By 40%

The President Of Liberia Reduces Pay By 40%

President Joseph Boakai of Liberia has declared a 40% cut in his yearly pay, which will now only be $8,000 instead of $13,400. This action is a reaction to growing public criticism of government pay and general unhappiness with Liberia’s rising cost of living.

According to President Boakai’s office, he hopes that this move will demonstrate “solidarity” with the Liberian people and provide an example for “responsible governance”. George Weah, his predecessor, also took a similar measure, cutting his compensation by 25%.

Diverse responses have been given to the wage reduction. While some applaud the decision, others doubt its importance given that the president continues to receive advantages including a daily stipend and health insurance.

According to Anderson D. Miamen of the Liberian Center for Transparency and Accountability, the wage reduction is “welcoming.” He expects that the public will be able to see where the deductions go and how they are being used to improve the lives of individuals.

The ruling was deemed “commendable” by W. Lawrence Yealue II, a champion for government transparency, who also stressed that leadership ought to begin at the top. In the upcoming budget, he also hopes that President Boakai’s advantages would be examined.

Additionally, President Boakai has pledged to strengthen Liberia’s Civil Service Agency in order to guarantee equitable pay for public employees. This promise comes after MPs protested by riding their tricycles, or “keh-keh” as they are known locally, to parliament instead of driving their official cars, which many Liberians use for transportation.

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