Ten People are Injured when a Plane in Senegal Skids off the Runway.

Ten People are Injured when a Plane in Senegal Skids off the Runway.

According to the transport minister and video from a passenger showing the aircraft on fire, a Boeing 737 carrying 85 people skidded off a runway at the airport in Dakar, Senegal’s capital, injuring ten people.

In a Facebook post, Malian musician Cheick Siriman Sissoko stated, “Our plane just caught fire.” The image showed people jumping down the emergency slides at night while flames engulfed one side of the aircraft. Screaming voices can be heard in the background.

According to Transport Minister El Malick Ndiaye, the TransAir-operated Air Sénégal flight, carrying 79 passengers, two pilots, and four cabin crew, was scheduled to arrive in Bamako, neighboring Mali, late on Wednesday.

The others were brought to a hotel for rest, while the injured were treated at a hospital.
There were no other details at this time. An inquiry for comment from Boeing was not answered. Network for Aviation Safety

On X, formerly known as Twitter, images of the damaged aircraft in a grassy field surrounded by firefighting foam were shared by the Aviation Safety Network, which keeps track of airline mishaps. The pictures showed damage to a wing and what appeared to be one broken engine. ASN is a member of the nonprofit organization Flight Safety Foundation.

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