Kenya Sets Aside a Day of Public Mourning for Flood Victims

Kenya Sets Aside a Day of Public Mourning for Flood Victims

In remembrance of the 238 people who have perished as a result of the ongoing flooding, President William Ruto of Kenya has declared Friday a public holiday. To lessen the effects of climate change, the president announced on Wednesday that national tree-planting events will be held in observance of the day.

Inundations have overtaken Kenya and other regions of East Africa. More than 235,000 displaced people are residing in various camps. In addition, President Ruto declared that all schools would reopen nationwide on Tuesday, following a two-week delay caused by heavy rains that destroyed hundreds of schools.

The government announced that over 1,000 schools were impacted by the intense rains and subsequent flooding, and allocated funds for repairs.

For the most part of the nation, the metrology department’s daily weather forecast continues to call for moderate to heavy rainfall.

Since the country’s major hydroelectric dams are experiencing “historic levels” of water rise, the government has begun the process of forcibly evacuating residents living in flood-prone areas and those near rivers and dams.

This week, the president promised evicted families the equivalent of $75 to relocate after a deadline to evacuate amid deadly rains passed. The government had been demolishing homes in the informal settlements of Mathare and Mukuru in the capital, Nairobi.

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