Russia Is Prepared To Talk With NATO

Russia Is Prepared To Talk With NATO

Russian President Vladimir Putin said during a meeting with graduates of military and law enforcement academies in Moscow that he was open to having security-related conversations with NATO members.

During our recent discussion with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs leadership, I presented our plan of action for establishing equitable and indivisible security throughout Eurasia. We are prepared for a wide-ranging international conversation about these fundamental concerns, with our counterparts in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the CIS, the Eurasian Economic Community, the BRICS, and other international organizations, including, of course, the states of Europe and NATO, when they are prepared for it.”

Putin also promised to arm the military with cutting-edge weapons and improve his country’s nuclear capabilities.

“We will prioritize increasing the supply to the troops on the front line of various types of unmanned aircraft systems, armoured vehicles, high-precision weapons, strike aircraft, enemy detection, counter-battery systems, control and communications systems,” he stated.

Speaking after Putin, Russian Defense Minister Andrei Belousov praised Russian forces as well.

“Russian military personnel honourably fulfil their military duty, effectively defend national interests, and resolutely fight the followers of Nazi ideology,” he stated.

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