Meetings with Soldiers and Prince Harry and Meghan in Nigeria for the Invictus Games

Meetings with Soldiers and Prince Harry and Meghan in Nigeria for the Invictus Games

In order to support the Invictus Games and assist injured veterans, including Nigerian soldiers engaged in a 14-year conflict with extremists, Prince Harry and Meghan traveled to Nigeria.

According to defense spokesman Brig. Gen. Tukur Gusau, the royal couple arrived in Abuja early on Friday, May 10, having been invited by the armed forces. Make contact with injured soldiers

According to Nigerian officials, Harry and Meghan’s meeting with injured soldiers and their families aims to boost the soldiers’ spirits and general well-being.

“We have the chance to recover our soldiers because of this engagement with Invictus,” Nigeria’s Defense Headquarters’ sports director, Abidemi Marquis, told reporters on Thursday.

Harry started the Invictus Games in after serving as an Apache helicopter copilot and gunner in Afghanistan.

They will meet with local non-governmental organizations in Abuja and Lagos that they support during their visit, as well as go to basketball and volleyball games.

According to their spokesperson Charlie Gipson, the World Trade Organization’s Director General, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, will co-host an event on women in leadership with Meghan.

In Nigeria, where Meghan’s life and connection to the British royal family are highly publicized, word of her visit caused some excitement.

The Nigerian military has promoted the Invictus Games as a potential aid in the recuperation of thousands of its soldiers who have been engaged in combat with local Boko Haram Islamic extremists and their affiliates since the insurgency was initiated in 2009.

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