In Tanzania, Flooding Kills 58 People as Heavy Rains Continue.

In Tanzania, Flooding Kills 58 People as Heavy Rains Continue.

Tanzania has had 58 fatal floods in the past two weeks, prompting the East African nation to look to large-scale infrastructure projects for a solution. As the nation continued to be battered by intense rains on Sunday night, the authorities declared the death toll. Tanzania’s rainy season, which ends in April, has been made worse this year by the El Nino phenomenon, which has caused floods and droughts worldwide.

At a press conference, government spokesman Mobhare Matinyi stated that the country’s coastal region was among the worst hit. “From April 1 to April 14, 2024, there were 58 deaths caused by the heavy rains, which led to flooding,” he said. He continued, “The coast region is experiencing serious flood effects, with 11 deaths to date.” In order to avoid flooding in the future, Tanzania intends to build 14 dams, according to the rep. In northern Tanzania, floods four months ago resulted in disastrous landslides and at least sixty-three fatalities.

Other parts of East Africa have also been experiencing heavy rains. Flooding in neighboring Kenya is reported to have killed at least 13 people. Infrastructure has also been damaged, and those living in flood-prone areas are urged to move. Scientists from the World Weather Attribution group have said the rainfall in East Africa “was one of the most intense ever recorded” in the region between October and December.

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