Burundi: Families Affected by Widespread Flooding are Relocated by Authorities

Burundi: Families Affected by Widespread Flooding are Relocated by Authorities

Many parts of East Africa are experiencing deadly floods, and Burundi has requested international assistance to deal with the aftermath of the heavy rains.

The government of the nation started voluntarily relocating the roughly 2000 families that were affected by the flooding over the weekend, putting them in shelters on higher ground.

“We believed the government had given up on us. “I’m grateful for the small improvement, as it gives me a place to relax,” said Ndaba Minani, who claims he has been displaced due to floods for the past four years due to a crippling leg injury.

Families that had been uprooted travelled on buses provided by the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) from the western coast of the country, close to the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to Matyazo, which is about 30 kilometres (19 miles) from Bujumbura, the country’s capital.

The relocation has numerous logistical difficulties, such as a lack of supplies for the temporary shelters that will house the displaced families.

Rising waters from Lake Tanganyika have inundated parts of the nation, including Bujumbura, disrupting business there and in other regions where government programmes heavily depend on donor funding.

One of Bujumbura’s main highways, the Boulevard du Japon, has recently flooded. Approximately 203,944 people were impacted by flooding between September and April 7, with 19,250.

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