TRIT MINES (PRIVATE) LIMITED Launches Operations in Zimbabwe: A New Era in Mining for Gold, Copper, and Lithium – by TritGroup

TRIT MINES (PRIVATE) LIMITED Launches Operations in Zimbabwe: A New Era in Mining for Gold, Copper, and Lithium – by TritGroup

26th April, Zimbabwe – TRIT MINES (PRIVATE) LIMITED, a subsidiary of the globally recognized TRIT Group, is proud to announce the commencement of its mining operations in Zimbabwe. This significant development is led by industry stalwarts, Mr. Victor W. of TRIT DUBAI and Mr. Kai of TRIT ZIMBABWE, marking a new chapter in the nation’s mining industry.

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With the successful registration and acquisition of three pivotal mine sites, TRIT MINES (PRIVATE) LIMITED is set to mine gold, copper, and lithium, key commodities in the global market. The initiation of operations follows extensive planning and collaboration with local authorities, ensuring compliance with Zimbabwe’s environmental and economic standards.


“Today marks a monumental day for TRIT MINES (PRIVATE) LIMITED and for Zimbabwe,” said Mr. Victor W., Director of TRIT DUBAI. “We are here not only to mine but to make a positive impact on the local economy and its people. Our state-of-the-art technology and sustainable mining practices are set to redefine the industry standards.”

Mr. Kai, Director of TRIT ZIMBABWE, added, “Our commitment is to Zimbabwe’s growth. We believe in creating opportunities for local communities and contributing to the nation’s prosperity through responsible mining.”


TRIT MINES (PRIVATE) LIMITED’s operations are expected to boost local employment, with the creation of numerous jobs across various sectors. Additionally, the company is dedicated to implementing community programs that support education, health, and infrastructure development.

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TRIT MINES (PRIVATE) LIMITED is a subsidiary of TRIT Group, specializing in the mining of precious metals and minerals. The company is committed to sustainable development and enhancing the communities within which it operates.

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