Following Intense Rains, More than 100 prisoners Escape from a Nigerian Prison.

Following Intense Rains, More than 100 prisoners Escape from a Nigerian Prison.

A correctional facility close to Nigeria’s capital has seen over 100 inmates escape after heavy rain damaged some of the prison’s infrastructure.

Ten of the original 118 prisoners who broke out of the Suleja Prison were later apprehended, according to the authorities. A massive manhunt is being conducted to find the remaining fugitives.

Questions remain about the identities of the fugitive convicts, which could threaten public safety. A statement from the jail administration, however, pledges that they will work with other security agencies to address the problem and encourages the public to go about their everyday lives without undue concern In conjunction with sister security agencies [we] have so far recaptured 10 fleeing inmates and taken them into custody, while we are in hot chase to recapture the rest,

The incident highlights larger issues that Nigeria’s prison system is facing, including the declining state of many of its facilities. Prisons like Suleja, constructed during the colonial era, have aged and become more prone to corrosion, increasing security issues.

This most recent escape is reminiscent of one that happened two years ago, when an attack on another prison in Abuja resulted in the release of around 400 inmates. Sadly, there were several attackers, a security guard, and four prisoners among the dead.

The 2022 attack, which Islamist terrorists claimed, was intended to free members who were behind bars and brought attention to Nigeria’s convoluted security situation. More than 5,000 prisoners have sprung out via various prison breaches across the nation since 2020, highlighting ongoing difficulties in keeping secure correctional facilities.

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