The Second Elephant Attack In Zambia This Year Claimed The Life Of A Us Tourist

The Second Elephant Attack In Zambia This Year Claimed The Life Of A Us Tourist

On Wednesday, in the Zambian city of Livingstone, an American tourist was murdered by an elephant, the second such incident in the nation this year, according to local officials.

Officials declared on Friday that 64-year-old Juliana Gle Tourneau perished when an elephant assaulted their car, threw Tourneau outside, and stomped her while she was part of a herd the visitors were observing.

They said that she was a member of a group that had pulled over close to the Maramba Cultural Bridge because of the traffic the elephant herd was causing there.

Southern Province Police Commissioner Auxensio Daka told Zambia’s national broadcaster, ZNBC, “Juliana Gle Tourneau, 64, of New Mexico, United States of America, died on Wednesday around 17.50 after being knocked from a parked vehicle which had stopped due to traffic caused by elephants around the Maramba Cultural Bridge.”

This is the second attack of this kind in the year. In March, an elephant charged a truck in a national park in Zambia, flipping it over, killing an American tourist and injuring five more. The incident happened during a game drive.

Authorities in Zambia have advised visitors to observe animals throughout the nation with the utmost caution.

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