The Pm Of Papua New Guinea Offers Condolences To The Landslide-affected Community

The Pm Of Papua New Guinea Offers Condolences To The Landslide-affected Community

On Friday, May 31, Papua New Guinea’s prime minister, James Marape, honored those lost in the tragic landslide last week.

The survivors displayed their grief by applying clay to their faces.

James Marape visited the disaster area in the country’s far north, in Enga Province.

To aid the survivors and retrieve bodies, he informed them that relief efforts were being expedited.

“We’ll exert every effort to expedite tasks and guarantee that relief efforts are completed. The earth is still moving, according to engineering and seismic reports that we have received.”

“There is some instability in the area. Because of this, machinery-related work hasn’t moved in case it causes another landslide, according to Marape.

His visit takes place while the death toll remains unclear.

Official estimates put the death toll at over 2000, but local and provincial council members believe the actual number is closer to 160.

Though they have only found seven bodies so far, the villagers have been using spades and farming tools to retrieve bodies from the rubble painstakingly. The country’s military had anticipated up to ten excavators and bulldozers on the scene this week to assist them.

Concerns about the land’s unstable nature and potential for additional landslides have led to the implementation of geothermal work.

Since the island nation is a member of the Commonwealth, Charles III, the monarch of Great Britain, serves as its head of state.

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