Nigeria: Salary Increases For Government Employees Might Reach 35 Percent

Nigeria: Salary Increases For Government Employees Might Reach 35 Percent

The Nigerian government has declared that certain worker groups will receive 25 and 35 percent salary increases in observance of May Day.

The National Salaries, Incomes, and Wages Commission (NSIWC) confirmed the raises in a statement on Tuesday. Personnel in the education, health, and security sectors are among those affected by the hikes.

According to the NSIWC’s announcement, the rise was retroactive to January 2024, and the lowest-paid government employee will now make 450,000 naira ($323.97) a year, or 37,500 each month.

Since then, the most populous country in Africa has experienced catastrophic inflation, which hit a record-breaking nearly 35 percent in March. The country’s currency, the Naira, has also lost 60% of its value versus the US dollar, exacerbating the issue caused by rising living expenses.

Many Nigerians bemoan the dire economic circumstances and bemoan the fact that their take-home pay has to be significantly boosted because it does not reflect current realities.

However, the West African country is receiving various responses to the May Day salary boost news for federal officials. According to some labor organizations, raising the nation’s minimum wage generally was more significant.

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