Kenya: Ruto Visits Flood Victims; People Living In High-risk Areas Are Told To Leave

Kenya: Ruto Visits Flood Victims; People Living In High-risk Areas Are Told To Leave

Kenya’s President William Ruto visited the flood-affected Kamuchiri community northwest of Nairobi on Tuesday, April 30.

The Cabinet noted that inhabitants in areas that have previously experienced flooding or landslides, as well as those living close to dams and rivers that are thought to be at high danger, will need to leave as seasonal rains are predicted to rise.

“Everyone residing on the riparian zones must leave within 48 hours starting tomorrow,” Ruto declared.

“In Nairobi and across the nation, as we are unwilling to continue losing our citizens’ lives. We will make sufficient arrangements to care for their food, shelter, and other needs. Today in cabinet, we made this decision, and the government will collaborate with development partners on this project.

Locals conveyed their suffering, and a few let out their annoyance at the government’s reaction.

“I am aware that you are without children. 48 dead bodies—of men, women, and children have been recovered from this location thus far. There are still about 26 patients admitted, despite the fact that the majority of the over 100 hospitalized patients have been treated and released.”

Since mid-March, the nation has seen heavy rains that have devastated roads and other infrastructure, forcing more than 100,000 people to flee their homes.

The cabinet of Kenya declared that anybody who disobey the evacuation order will be forcibly relocated.

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