More than 90 People Die in Mozambique as a Boat Sinks.

More than 90 People Die in Mozambique as a Boat Sinks.

Local media said that more than 200 perished on Sunday when the improvised ferry carrying them People sank off the northern coast of Mozambique.

Thirty-one individuals, many of them youngsters, were trying to travel from Lunga in Nampula province to Mozambique Island aboard the boat. Some of the people on board were reportedly traveling to attend an island fair, while others were escaping a cholera outbreak, according to local online media TV Diário Nampula. According to reports, individuals boarded the boat out of fear after hearing false information about a purported cholera outbreak, according to Secretary of State Jaime Neto of Nampula.

Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Malawi, and other neighboring nations have been impacted by a devastating cholera outbreak in recent months, which officials are fighting to contain. Mozambique has recorded 13,700 confirmed cases and 30 deaths since October 2023. One of the provinces most severely impacted by the outbreak is Nampula.

People from the neighboring province of Cabo Delgado have been pouring into the northern region, with over 33,000 new arrivals during the most recent round of violence in February.

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