Central African Republic and Kenya Deepen their Relationship

Central African Republic and Kenya Deepen their Relationship

Touadera commended him for traveling to Bangui, noting that it was the first time a head of state from Kenya had visited the nation.

It is a great honor for the Central African Republic and presents promising opportunities for our two nations to work together. He remarked, “I don’t think this is the last time a Kenyan president visits the CAR; I think this is the first.”

President Ruto, accompanied by his spouse, commended President Touadera’s efforts to gradually restore peace to the nation that has been beset by violence since 2013. We have observed stability, peace, and advancement under your direction. And for that, on behalf of the people, Your Excellency.

Ruto praised the CAR people’s tenacity throughout the historic 24-hour visit and expressed his hope that this was the beginning of a real rapprochement that would foster cooperation that would benefit both nations.

Thanks to this first visit, “we can now investigate the opportunities between Kenya and the Central African Republic,” he stated.

As you have accurately stated, we have enormous potential in agriculture, and I agree that we will collaborate with our farmers and send agricultural specialists to this area to engage with your people on knowledge transfer.”
Kenya is also anticipated to play a significant role in the CAR’s energy transition.

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