Leaders of NATO Gather on Wednesday in Washington

Leaders of NATO Gather on Wednesday in Washington

At a summit working session on Wednesday in Washington, leaders of NATO aimed to strengthen the alliance’s backing for Ukraine while also bolstering their own defense and deterrence capabilities.

The leaders now have to obtain their final agreements, after months of months of talks at lower levels, notably at a conference of NATO foreign ministers earlier this year.

On a more convivial note, U.S. President Joe Biden will meet NATO members for dinner at the White House on Wednesday.

In light of what could be the greatest challenge to NATO in its 75-year existence, Biden presented a compelling argument on Tuesday for peace via strength.

Saying, “It’s good that we’re stronger than ever,” Biden kicked off the three-day summit. “Because our combined strength is needed at this historic point in history.

“Autocrats seek to destroy the international system that has, for the most part, been maintained for almost eight decades. Terrorist organizations are still hatching cunning plans to wreck havoc, anarchy, and pain. The aggressive campaign waged by [Russian President Vladimir] Putin against Ukraine is still going on across Europe.

And Putin is adamant about eradicating Ukraine from the map, destroying its culture, ending democracy, and completely subjugating the country. We also know that Putin won’t give up on Ukraine. But don’t misunderstand: Putin can and will be stopped by Ukraine,” stated Biden.

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