Funeral For A Teenager Shot During Anti-tax Protest Is Held At A Nairobi Mosque

Funeral For A Teenager Shot During Anti-tax Protest Is Held At A Nairobi Mosque

Ibrahim Kamau, 19, was shot during a protest on Tuesday against the government’s since-retracted proposed tax law. His funeral was held on Friday at a mosque in Nairobi.

Following the funeral service, mourners paid their condolences and carried the casket through the streets of Nairobi.

On Tuesday, protesters stormed the parliament, sparking mayhem and the shooting of police that claimed multiple lives—up to 22—in the process.

Police in the capital of Kenya used tear gas on Thursday to disperse anti-tax protestors who persisted in congregating even after President William Ruto rejected the controversial tax measure that had sparked violent disturbances earlier in the week.

The Kenyan populace, which is struggling with rising living expenses, has fiercely opposed the finance legislation. Younger protestors have been especially vocal in their opposition.

Even though Ruto sent the financial measure back to parliament with a promise to make budget cutbacks to replace the planned additional taxes and levies on a variety of goods and services, from bank transfers to egg imports, protesters who persisted in gathering on Thursday said they still don’t trust him.

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