Etadar’s Leadership In Clean Labels And Natural Ingredients: An In-depth Interview With Mr. Juan José Thuemme

Etadar’s Leadership In Clean Labels And Natural Ingredients: An In-depth Interview With Mr. Juan José Thuemme

Etadar is at the forefront of the clean label and natural ingredient movement in the food and beverage industry. The company focuses on sourcing natural extracts and reinventing flavors with minimal content, ensuring the essence of main notes is preserved. They develop natural extractors from basic fruits like mango peel, soursop pulp, and strawberry distillate, enhancing their natural storage capacity. Committed to compliance, Etadar adheres to FDA regulations and prioritizes sustainability in its supply chain. Through innovative approaches and strategic partnerships, Etadar continues to lead in creating competitive, natural, and clean-label products.

Adapting to Consumer Demand

We started the interview by asking, “How do you think consumer demand for clean labels and natural ingredients has changed the food and beverage industry? How can Etadar continue to be a leader in this area?”

Juan José Thuemme replied, “Firstly Etadar is an industry that have a stock of naturals provide from natural extract and we try to reinvent flavors with the minimal flavor content only responsible of main notes.

Secondly we have possibility of developed natural extractors of basic fruits as mango peel, gunabana pulp, Strawberry distillate fermented products increase natural storage of these extractors to complete natural flavors and we follow. We have not used modified organism. We used only Martials under legislation for the FDA With all of this restriction we proceed to create competitive flavor.”

Showcasing Success


The Africa Times: Can you give an example of a successful product in the market that leverages natural ingredients effectively? How would you approach similar innovations at Etadar?

Juan José Thuemme replied, “A great company is launching a new product: bread that uses a butter flavor very popular in Mexico. Bimbo Manufactory asked for a natural flavor, working hard to create a natural, heat-resistant, creamy profile using minimal natural materials. The product, which is cost-effective and all-natural, is being launched with a lot of work involved.”

The Power of Partnership

The Africa Times: Collaboration is key at Etadar. Describe a time when you had to work closely with external partners to develop a product. What were the challenges, and how did you overcome them?

Juan José Thuemme replied, “l have worked closely with a great partner prepare Tequila international and l have developed a extender of tequila use a part of the hand and colas of tequila  distillation of the customer creating a extender together  adding some naturals chemicals  customer and myself creating this extender and customer is using whit  good results in the final tequila we succeed  and was excellent experience challenger was a create this outstanding extender using part of heads and colas of distillation and my creativity.”

Developing a Clean Label Beverage

The Africa Times: Walk us through how you would develop a new beverage from concept to market launch, considering Etadar’s focus on clean labels and natural ingredients.

Juan José Thuemme replied, “Principal we are involved in native beverages natives of Mexico based in natural products brought to Mexico or USA and in advanced biotech where are enough to process to do that and principal ideas are from native Mexican concepts as hibiscus or Jamaica beverages and horchata native of mexico and some categories fruity Tropicals combinations where is possible developed extracts naturals and mainly natural chemicals to round alcoholics beverages as tepache fermented pineapple tequila, mezcal cocktails. Where we have enough Fussel coming from agave and from tequila so we looks have all controlled under clean label based under fda from united states approval for exportations. I have exported to Texas and California under American normativity.”

Ensuring Compliance and Integrity


The Africa Times: Given the strict regulations surrounding food and beverage labels, how would you ensure compliance while maintaining the integrity of Etadar’s mission?

Juan José Thuemme replied, “Well we are confident to follow the regulations of Mexican institute called (coffee pris) and fda  to exports how i was mentioned but we have  department  in  etadar by deiman who check all formulas finished and the generate  information to customers y for Exportation clean label  but this responsibility is out of my hands but followed rules strict  before pent beverages products.”

Navigating New Markets

The Africa Times:
How would you adapt Etadar’s existing products to a new, unfamiliar market while maintaining the brand’s focus on naturalness and exclusivity?

Juan José Thuemme replied, “No problem is possible as I always said adapting all news molecules for flavors working with special international companies ever maintaining confidential formulas for special customers is possible for this company.”

Ethical Sourcing Practices


The Africa Times: Sustainability is crucial in sourcing natural ingredients. What strategies would you recommend to Etadar to enhance sustainability in its supply chain?

Juan José Thuemme replied, “First have different lines  of natural flavors materials worldwide main suppliers  natural biotech usa international Penta suppliers so far  companies global and always have an inventory to prepare the flavors remember naturals is an inversion  in storage that is a cost money for the company

  1. Collect companies that export finish flavors worldwide and are able to sell big amount’s if flavors
  2. We need to prepare natural flavors cost effective naturals raw are so expensive.”

Etadar’s Approach and Solutions


The Africa Times: What are some of the biggest challenges you anticipate facing when working with natural ingredients, and how would you address them at Etadar?

Juan José Thuemme replied, “This Situation has lived in international and flavors long time ago but here is most difficult because we need look something be provide us to be able summit chemicals for an expensive stock

2- This inversions of high inventory cost influence the possibility to have this difficult time for me but i fight back to follow in this condition.”

Navigating Market Saturation


The Africa Times: How would you communicate the value of Etadar’s natural and clean label products to a market that’s saturated with claims of natural ingredients?

Juan José Thuemme replied, “Is easy for me understand this situation. Mexico only uses artificial and natural identical, but many customers i have export to usa market natural flavors clean label. This is the claim i have. i explain directly to mr. Jose medina, owner of the company, and he understand quite well the situation. For export usa and give all opportunities to attack this market to usa and another companies.”

Etadar’s Vision for Natural Ingredient Solutions


Lastly we asked, “What vision do you have for the future of natural ingredient solutions in the food industry, and how can Etadar lead in this area?”

Interesting question, it’s the trendy way to succeed in flavors? No way for multinational companies. Only this new way is to work no way for Etadar if they don’t agree with this. Natural, clean claim is the only way to succeed, and they are aware of this. Etadar is changing personnel of competitors and they got this new thinking to grow.” Juan José Thuemme concluded.

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