Environmental Volunteering: Ahead of World Earth Day, Activists Convene in Lagos

Environmental Volunteering: Ahead of World Earth Day, Activists Convene in Lagos

Volunteers were taken to a market by SustyVibes, a neighborhood environmental advocacy group, to pick up plastic debris left on the street and clean the gutters. Although April 22nd is designated as World Earth Day every year, the entire month is commonly called Earth Month.

Activist Sonia Ugwunna stated, “We don’t need to wait for occasions like World Earth Day to become more aware of our environment. This planet is all we have, and nobody else will take care of it to ensure a sustainable future if we don’t band together.”

In order to create a more sustainable and greener world, governments, corporations, and civil society organizations are encouraged to unite on World Earth Day.

It must get large-scale for you to see how your actions affect the environment. For instance, until we began to notice the effects of climate change, we were unaware that anything was amiss,” Ugwunna continued.

At the event on Saturday, volunteers were split up into three teams: one for advocacy, one for cleanup, and one for advertising recycling subscriptions. The teams made several community visits.

If aggressive government action is possible,. Since we are all only human, we occasionally dispose of waste carelessly. However, trader Abiodun Ogunsanya stated that if environmental officers were stationed everywhere, they could arrest violators.

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