DR Congo Appoints its First Female Prime Minister in the Face of Rising Bloodshed

DR Congo Appoints its First Female Prime Minister in the Face of Rising Bloodshed

Former planning minister Judith Suminwa Tuluka takes up her new position at a pivotal moment for the country, especially in the war-torn east. Rich in minerals and resources, the region has seen constant conflict that has forced millions of inhabitants to flee their homes and earned it the unenviable distinction of being one of the worst humanitarian catastrophes in history.

In her first address to the nation, broadcast on state television, Prime Minister Tuluka promised to give peace and development initiatives top priority, especially in the provinces rife with conflict in the east. She emphasized her commitment to finding long-term solutions to the situation and conveyed her profound sorrow for the suffering of those impacted by the continued violence.

However, Prime Minister Tuluka’s appointment occurred during the difficult process of building a new government, which is expected to involve extensive negotiations with various political factions. Despite the challenges, her appointment symbolizes a significant breakthrough in Congolese politics.

The United States has called for restraint from both Congo and Rwanda, urging diplomatic dialogue to prevent further escalation of tensions. Additionally, the U.S. State Department has emphasized the importance of regional cooperation and the withdrawal of foreign troops from Congolese territory.

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