Brazil Interred Nine African Migrants in a Nonreligious Ceremony.

Brazil Interred Nine African Migrants in a Nonreligious Ceremony.

On Thursday, April 25, nine African migrants whose remains were discovered on a boat off Brazil’s northern coast were buried in Belem during a nonreligious ceremony.

Groups involved in relocating the bodies planned the event. These organizations included Brazilian police, naval, and civil defense services, as well as the Red Cross, the United Nations Refugee Agency, and the International Organization for Migration. If the deceased’s relatives were found and desired to return the bodies to their native nations, the way the body was buried, according to the authorities, would permit later exhumations.

The nine bodies, which were probably migrants from Mali and Mauritius, were discovered on an abandoned boat by Brazilian fishermen on April 13.

There were twenty-seven cell phones and twenty raincoats on the about 12-meter sailboat, indicating that there were probably a lot more people on board at first.
According to local officials, this also suggests that among the dead may have been individuals of different nationalities.

According to Brazilian officials, the boat left Mauritania after January 17. The passengers’ goal was most likely to reach Europe through Spain’s Canary Islands.

The remains are undergoing forensic testing at Brazil’s criminology institute in Brasilia, the country’s capital. The Federal Police say they are in communication with Interpol and other international agencies to provide any findings.

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