A Un Team Led By Hundreds Of Kenyan Police Officers Has Been Deployed To Haiti

A Un Team Led By Hundreds Of Kenyan Police Officers Has Been Deployed To Haiti

On Monday, hundreds of Kenyan law enforcement personnel left for Haiti to spearhead an international team sent to tackle the formidable gangs that have caused a sharp increase in violent deaths this year. Kenya has made a substantial contribution to international peace and security with this deployment, although it has not been without controversy.

In his speech to the officers, President William Ruto emphasized the significance of their mission:

“Your performance in this assignment must be a clear reaction to those who dispute your professionalism, competence, and integrity, as well as the credentials of our country, and a firm declaration of Kenya’s potential and contribution to international peace and security. You are engaged in an international assignment of utmost importance. Your presence in Haiti will provide much-needed hope and relief to areas devastated by conflict and chaos.”

President Ruto’s administration is continuing the deployment despite a court decision that declared it to be unlawful. The past of alleged atrocities by Kenyan police officers has alarmed critics.

Kenya is to deploy 1,000 officers to Haiti as part of the UN-led force; the first group of 400 officers forms part of this. The media was not allowed to attend the sendoff ceremony on Monday.

A court case is currently proceeding to prevent the deployment; the initial finding cited as a constitutional concern was the lack of a reciprocal agreement between Kenya and Haiti. Nevertheless, during Ruto’s most recent official visit to Washington, US President Joe Biden commended Kenya for its leadership in the multinational force. The US has committed $300 million to the force’s support, although Biden has noted that there may be unsettling issues about US troops stationed in Haiti.

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