A Brilliant Hospitality Sector Leader: Roberto Pelliccia

A Brilliant Hospitality Sector Leader: Roberto Pelliccia

We recently had the privilege of interviewing Roberto Pelliccia, Hospitality Consultant – Asset Management, Business Development and Operations currently working for a Private Family Office in Rwanda. He is an entrepreneurial and collaborative leader with extensive international experience in hotel and resort development, transformative asset management, service and operational excellence, people development, and operations.

Throughout his career, Roberto Pelliccia has demonstrated expertise in delivering holistic value to various hospitality groups and privately / family-owned hospitality and leisure assets and organizations, improving customer satisfaction, implementing people-centric management, refining processes and driving financial resilience. His passion for excellence extends to all aspects of business, including team synergies, community impact, and environmental sustainability.

The Advent Of This Journey

We started the interview by asking, “Could you describe your journey in the hospitality industry and your transition into a mentorship role? What experiences have shaped your leadership and mentorship approach?”

Roberto Pelliccia shared, “My journey in the hospitality industry has been extensive and diverse, spanning across multiple continents and roles of increasing responsibility. Starting from foundational roles in Food and Beverage management within a major international hotel group, I advanced to general management positions at prestigious resorts in various exotic locations and then to exclusive boutique hotels. My transition into mentorship was a natural progression as I took on leadership roles that involved not only managing operations but also nurturing talent.

For instance, developing and implementing a coaching and mentorship program for general managers was pivotal in guiding new leaders in two of my multi-unit leadership roles. As a senior managing consultant in a firm focusing on human resources, learning and development, and talent acquisition, I have further honed my collaborative and people-centric approach, emphasizing continuous improvement and talent growth.”

Adaptability Amidst Uncertainties

We were intrigued to learn more about how Roberto Pelliccia adapted to the changing market conditions, we asked, “How has your vision for the hospitality industry evolved, especially in response to challenges? Can you share an instance where you adapted due to industry changes?”

Roberto Pelliccia shared, “As the hospitality industry faced the COVID-19 pandemic, my focus shifted to resilience and adaptability. In my role overseeing development and operations in multiple regions, I successfully led efforts to ensure business continuity.

This involved implementing strict health protocols, enhancing digital engagement with guests, and expanding our services to encompass long-term stays and remote work options. These measures not only sustained our operations but also positioned us to embrace new hospitality trends in the post-pandemic world.”

An Emerging Trend In Hospitality Industry

We further asked, “What emerging trend in hospitality do you think will have a significant impact but is currently undervalued? How do you incorporate awareness of such trends into mentorship?”

An emerging trend that I believe will have a significant impact is the integration of sustainable and eco-friendly practices in hospitality operations. While sustainability is gaining attention, its potential for enhancing guest experience and operational efficiency is still undervalued.

In my mentorship, I emphasize the importance of sustainability by guiding future leaders to adopt green initiatives, such as energy-efficient technologies and waste-reduction practices. In a previous role, we incorporated eco-friendly designs and operations, which not only reduced our environmental footprint but also resonated well with eco-conscious travelers.” Roberto Pelliccia added.

Meeting Market Gaps

Eager to learn more about the events at which Roberto Pelliccia realized the unmet market requirements and decided to fulfill them, we asked, “Was there a moment when you identified an unmet need in the market that inspired you? How did you turn that idea into reality, especially in guiding aspiring entrepreneurs?”

Roberto Pelliccia replied, “One notable instance was identifying the need for a high-quality hospitality vocational academy in the MENA and Central Asia regions. In my role at a consultancy firm, we partnered with an education group to create a vocational academy for the hospitality industry. This required market research, strategic planning, and tailored curricula. I emphasized the significance of identifying gaps and forging alliances to provide valuable solutions for aspiring entrepreneurs.”

Assessing The Right Move, we asked Roberto Pelliccia

We asked, “How do you decide when to pivot your strategy versus staying the course in the hospitality industry, and how do you mentor others through such decisions?”

Deciding when to pivot strategy involves a thorough analysis of market conditions, guest feedback, and financial performance. A notable example was when we observed shifting guest preferences towards wellness and lifestyle experiences. We responded by expanding our wellness offerings and incorporating lifestyle elements into our services.

In mentoring others, I emphasize the importance of being data-driven and staying attuned to market trends. I also advocate for scenario planning and maintaining flexibility to pivot strategies when necessary while staying true to the core values and mission of the organization.” Roberto Pelliccia added.

Setting The Business Apart

We were interested in learning more about Roberto Pelliccia’s approaches to making his business stand apart. So, we asked, “What sets your mentorship and consultancy services apart in the hospitality sector? Can you share the inspiration behind a key initiative?”

Roberto Pelliccia replied, “My mentorship and consultancy services are distinguished by a holistic approach that combines strategic leadership with a deep focus on human capital development. As a senior managing consultant of a private consultancy firm, I specialize in human resources, learning and development, talent acquisition, operational excellence, and service enhancement.

To enhance operations and achieve sustained success in hospitality, a performance improvement plan was established. This included service, processes and quality assurance audits, talent acquisition, mentoring and development, and customized training programs to meet specific client needs, driven by the belief in continuous learning for operational excellence.

As an asset director, or in some occasions, general manager (consulting, permanent, or interim), my primary goal and focus is to enhance and optimize privately-owned and independent hospitality assets. I also mentor identified successors within family-owned businesses, forming and guiding them as they transition to senior leadership roles consistent with their families’ succession plan. By identifying untapped opportunities, I convert them into tangible benefits, delivering cost-effective solutions and increased value for owners.

Message To Aspiring Newcomers

Lastly, seeking guidance for aspiring young professionals, we asked, “How are you preparing yourself and those you mentor to thrive in the changing hospitality landscape? What advice do you offer to young professionals amidst uncertainty?”

Roberto Pelliccia responded, “To thrive in the changing hospitality landscape, I prioritize staying informed about industry trends and technological advancements. I encourage those I mentor to adopt a proactive learning mindset and embrace innovation. My advice to young professionals is to build resilience, stay adaptable, and continuously seek growth opportunities.

In times of uncertainty, it’s crucial to remain focused on delivering exceptional guest experiences and maintaining operational efficiency. By fostering a culture of excellence and continuous improvement, we can navigate challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities.”

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