With Elections Approaching, Chad’s Acting President Is The Front-Runner.

With Elections Approaching, Chad’s Acting President Is The Front-Runner.

Three years ago, he came to power following the death of his father, Idriss Déby Itno, ostensibly in combat against rebels attempting to topple his administration. For thirty years, Deby senior had ruled Chad with an iron grip.

The newly elected president, a career soldier, declared that elections would occur in 18 months, but his administration moved up the poll and permitted him to stand for office.

Although it has stated that the election will restore constitutional governance to the nation, opposition parties assert that they are certain the poll will be manipulated. The Patriotic Salvation Movement (MPS), which is in power, supports Deby.

Masra declares that he and his allies won’t be persuaded to give up the struggle for Chad’s democracy. However, since becoming prime minister of the interim government, he has been viewed by many as a sellout. He once fiercely opposed Deby while living in exile.

The only other formidable opponent is former prime minister and Deby senior’s ally, Albert Pahimi Padacke.

Nonetheless, he unsuccessfully challenged him multiple times, garnering ten percent of the presidential vote in 2021. Padacke has pledged to improve security and overhaul the legal system.

After several coups in the previous four years, Chad is the first nation in the region to hold elections.

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