The Un Provides Help To Haiti In An Effort To Warn Of The Continued Violence And Hurricane

The Un Provides Help To Haiti In An Effort To Warn Of The Continued Violence And Hurricane

The UN warned of the hurricane’s destructive impact on Tuesday by announcing the delivery of supplies to Haiti.

Due to the escalating violence and the impending hurricane, hundreds of families in Haiti have been forced to flee their homes. The UN’s deputy spokesperson, Farhan Had, made this announcement on Tuesday.

“The World Food Program (WFP) arranged two cargo aircraft that brought 55 tons of supplies for housing, hygiene, and medicine when they landed in Port au Prince, the nation’s capital. In addition to helping the displaced, these items will be used to get ready for hurricane season. Approximately 30 million meals have been provided nationwide by the WFP School Meals program since the current school year began. Of these, its initiative to support local farmers has produced close to 17 million meals. More than 200,000 students and 4000 teachers have been negatively affected by the recent violence, as we have previously stated, according to Farhan Haq, the UN Secretary-General’s deputy spokesman.

The hurricane season in Haiti, which begins in June and lasts until November, is expected to be particularly strong this year. The Caribbean country of Haiti is home to an estimated 360,000 displaced persons as a result of gang-related violence.

In light of the continuing confrontation between Israel and the Palestinian Hamas group, Farhan Haq further decried attacks on health staff and institutions during the briefing.

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