Scheduled Power Outage in Johannesburg: What You Need to Know

Scheduled Power Outage in Johannesburg: What You Need to Know

City Power, Johannesburg’s primary electricity provider, has announced a planned power outage set for Wednesday, 28 February. The outage, which is part of City Power’s ongoing maintenance efforts, will affect the Johannesburg area, including Houghton Estate and Berea. The interruption is scheduled to last from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

This maintenance work is crucial for enhancing the reliability and efficiency of the electricity supply in these areas. City Power aims to constantly improve its service, and this interruption is a necessary step in their maintenance program.

Residents and businesses in the affected areas are advised to prepare for temporary disruptions in their power supply. City Power has cautioned that the electricity supply may be unexpectedly restored during the maintenance period, so it’s important to treat all electrical points as live at all times.

The utility company regrets any inconvenience this scheduled outage may cause and is working to ensure that the maintenance work is completed efficiently to minimize disruptions.

To prepare for the outage, residents and businesses should consider charging essential electronic devices in advance and securing perishable items that require refrigeration. It’s also advisable to plan for minimal use of electrical appliances during the scheduled maintenance window.

City Power appreciates the understanding and cooperation of all affected customers as they work to improve the electricity network in Johannesburg.

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