Parents from Nigeria Reunite with their Kidnapped Offspring

Parents from Nigeria Reunite with their Kidnapped Offspring

Three days after the kids were set free, the parents and a teacher told The Associated Press that the meeting was held at a government facility in Kaduna, where the kids are living while getting medical attention.

For the first time since motorcycle-riding gunmen abducted their children from their school in the isolated village of Kuriga in the northwest Kaduna state on March 7, the parents said they sobbed and danced while giving their kids hugs. They were then forced to march to neighboring woodlands while gunshot was heard. Following the encounter, Shittu Abdullahi, whose daughter, 14, was one of the abducted, exclaimed, “I am very happy and filled with joy.”

When the kids, who are between the ages of 10 and 15, would be permitted to go it was unknown.

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