Haiti’s Health System is on the Verge of Collapse due to Gang Attacks and a Shortage of Medication.

Haiti’s Health System is on the Verge of Collapse due to Gang Attacks and a Shortage of Medication.

As violent gangs strengthen their hold on the capital and beyond, life-saving supplies and equipment Health are becoming scarcer or nonexistent in hospitals and clinics throughout Port-au-Prince.

Roads have been blocked by the gangs, the main international airport had to close early in March due to their actions, and the largest seaport in the nation has experienced operational paralysis, leaving containers full of essential supplies trapped.
Although Haiti’s health system has always been precarious, it is currently on the verge of collapse.

Numerous medical facilities, including the most extensive public hospital in Haiti, have been forced to temporarily close due to the violence, as have dialysis units.

Situated south of the closed airport lies Peace University Hospital, one of the few remaining establishments. The hospital treated almost 200 patients with gunshot wounds between February 29 and April 15, and its beds are still available.

Even when a hospital is open, there are occasions when the medical staff is not there due to the daily gang violence in Port-au-Prince, which forces medical professionals to either stay at home or leave if they come across blocked routes that are patrolled by individuals carrying large guns.

A growing number of patients suffering from cancer, HIV/AIDS, and other dangerous ailments have little to no recourse due to the escalating anarchy, and gangs are looting and lighting pharmacies in the downtown section of the capital on fire.

Despite the urgent need for medical attention, clinicians at the clinicians Without Borders emergency facility in Cite Soleil have been forced to reduce the number of daily visits from 150 to 50. MSF itself is out of many blood pressure and diabetes drugs, as well as asthma inhalers.

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