Ghanaian Organizers Optimistic as African Games Approach, Anticipate “Golden Opportunity”

Ghanaian Organizers Optimistic as African Games Approach, Anticipate “Golden Opportunity”

As Ghanaian gears up to host the postponed 2023 African Games, local organizers express confidence in the country’s readiness despite challenges. Originally slated for August 2023, the Games faced delays due to disputes over marketing rights and subsequent facility completion. Despite ongoing tensions among key organizing bodies, Ghana remains optimistic about delivering a successful multi-sport event.

Ready to Seize the Opportunity:

Dan Kwaku Yeboah, spokesperson for the African Games’ local organizing committee (LOC), emphasizes the significance of hosting the Games for Ghana. With the exception of Nigeria, no other West African country has had the opportunity to host this prestigious event. Yeboah reassures that Ghana is fully prepared in terms of infrastructure, accommodation, transport, and media, albeit some delays in the accreditation process.

Ghanaian-Challenges with Accreditation:

The accreditation process has faced delays, impacting delegations like Cameroon. However, efforts are underway to rectify these issues, ensuring smooth participation for athletes, officials, and media personnel.

Concerns Over Venue Preparations:

Reports highlight concerns regarding venue preparations, notably damage to the warm-up track and signs of wear and tear. Despite these challenges, organizers remain committed to addressing issues to ensure a successful event.


Sports and Olympic Qualification:

Twenty-nine sports are confirmed for the African Games, including disciplines serving as qualifiers for the Paris 2024 Olympics. However, the timing of the Games may affect participation, with some prominent athletes opting out.

Marketing Challenges: Confusion over athlete participation has posed challenges in marketing the event effectively. The absence of top African athletes may impact the visibility and promotion of the Games.

Optimism Amidst Challenges:

Despite hurdles, optimism prevails among stakeholders. Former Kenyan volleyball player Jannet Wanja acknowledges the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on preparations but remains hopeful for a successful African Games.

Equal Playing Field: David Ojong of the Cameroon National Olympic Committee emphasizes that all teams will face similar challenges regarding venue conditions. Regardless of concerns, teams must adapt and compete under the same circumstances.

Anticipated Experience:

Organizers promise a memorable experience for fans, athletes, and officials, showcasing Ghanaian hospitality and culture. Expectations include vibrant opening ceremonies, high-quality competition, and a positive atmosphere throughout the Games.

Conclusion: As Ghana prepares to host the 2023 African Games, the journey has been marked by challenges and optimism. Despite delays and concerns, organizers are committed to delivering a memorable event that celebrates sport, unity, and African excellence.

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