For Refugees And Migrants, Land Routes Across Africa Are Twice As Risky

For Refugees And Migrants, Land Routes Across Africa Are Twice As Risky

More migrants and refugees in Africa are heading northward toward the Mediterranean and Europe, following perilous routes through the Sahara, where they are subjected to various forms of abuse by criminal groups, according to a recent report released by the U.N. refugee and migration agencies and the Mixed Migration Center.

“Many people tell us that they are aware of someone who has died on the way, normally more on the land routes than on the sea routes,” said Vincent Cochetel, the UNHCR Special Envoy for the Western and Central Mediterranean Situation. There is now a 15% greater risk of gender-based sexual violence. In the prior report, it was 12.5%.

The study, “On this Journey, No One Cares If You Live Or Die,” emphasizes that sea routes across the Mediterranean, which are thought to be the world’s deadliest maritime routes for migrants, are twice as lethal as land crossings in Africa.

“There appears to be a new risk: kidnapping. Four years earlier, 2% of the respondents had mentioned it. Currently, 18% of the respondents have brought it up. Nearly half of them assert that there was a chance of kidnapping during the trip “Cochetel concluded.

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